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Spin, Run, and TRX your way into BrickFIT shape!

Introducing BrickFIT… the newest workout everyone is talking about.  This one-of-a-kind class will challenge you on new levels and transform your body and mind.

Our high energy class is focused around a 3-station group circuit that rotates from TRX to treadmills to spin bikes.  Your instructor will guide you through the stations to help you increase your aerobic capacity, make you stronger, and raise your energy levels! BrickFIT also monitors your heart rate to vary the intensity levels so we can challenge you to push to your max.  And science has proven that when your body is pushed to the max, you can burn more calories up to 36 hours AFTER the workout!

 3 Levels for Optimal Results

Our class focuses on 3 intensity levels:




Go is our go time, our 1st level to warm up, and get the body moving.
Push is our next level, to elevate your heart rate and get you sweating.
Max is our highest level.  These brief intensity intervals are designed to push you to the limit. Though very short in duration, these intervals are the key to burning many more calories after the workout.

Personal Tracking
After your workout is complete, a detailed description of your workout will be emailed to you.  You'll be able to show how hard you pushed and how many calories you burned so that you may keep track of all your workouts.

It's time to get in BrickFIT shape!  The 1st class is on us so come give it a try and see how quickly it will change your life!  


KarateFIT….where everyone FITS in!

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