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KarateFIT….where everyone FITS in!

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KenpoFIT (ages 7 & up) - 1 hr class

KenpoFIT is an hour long class for our 7 and older children.   This truly begins their road to black belt as they learn 4-8 self defense techniques per belt and start to learn katas.  Again, our focus is on teaching a fun and inspiring class with fitness and self defense at the core. 

  • No belt test fees!
  • Unlimited classes!
  • Bundle pricing options!
  • First class is free!
  • Clean, Fun, Safe, Community dojo
  • ​Childcare available

Our Martial Arts program is designed to instill confidence and teach respect in all our students with an emphasis on staying fit!

​​​AdultFIT Kenpo (ages 18+) - 1 hr class

Our adult program is based on Kenpo Karate.  This is an hour long class teaching the fundamentals of Kenpo and incorporating techniques, katas and sparring.  We also focus on fitness for a good hour long sweat.